Donation Refund Policy


Gold Coast Sikh Council have developed a donation refund policy as part of our commitment to honouring and respecting the financial contributions that people make to the Gold Coast Sikh Council. We recognise the importance of donations and want to ensure we establish appropriate principles of transparency and fairness in regard to the management of refunds.

This policy outlines the circumstances under which Gold Coast Sikh Council will refund a donation.


This policy applies to all those who make financial donations to Gold Coast Sikh Council and  Gold Coast Sikh Council employees and volunteers responsible for processing and managing financial donations.

Policy statement

Gold Coast Sikh Council expects that anyone wishing to donate consider their decision carefully and check donation amounts during transactions.

Gold Coast Sikh Council recognises that it is possible to make an error when making on line donation or for the donors to change their mind about the donation made. It can also occur that an error can be made by Gold Coast Sikh Council or our financial institution.

Under this policy Gold Coast Sikh Council will endeavour to refund donations in accordance with the following principles:


  • If an error is made in making online donation or if the donor changes their mind, we will honor all requests for refund that are made in writing within 7 days of the date the donation was made. The written refund request must include the details of the initial transaction including date, donation amount, donor’s name, ID, tax invoice number and the nature of the error.
  • Requests for refund can be sent by email or mail:

Mail: Gold Coast Sikh Council
PO Box 7685, Gold Coast MC, QLD, 9726

  • Gold Coast Sikh Council will fully examine all requests for refund and endeavour to ensure that genuine errors are rectified, however we are under no obligation to give refunds and the decision on refunds will be at Gold Coast Sikh Council’s discretion
  • If an amount is adjusted by Gold Coast Sikh Council, the original receipt issued for the incorrect amount will become invalid and a new receipt will be issued for the amount of the adjusted donation
  • Gold Coast Sikh Council reserves the right to pass any refund transaction charged onto the donor
  • Refunds will be returned using the original method of payment – if donation has been made by credit card, the refund must be credited to that same credit card
  • Should an error be made by Gold Coast Sikh Council or our financial institution(s), a refund of the full amount will be made once we are notified of the error in writing.

Responsibility and policy owner

The owner of this policy is the General Manager, Gold Coast Sikh Council.

The owner is responsible for implementing the policy and achieving the desired outcomes.

All Gold Coast Sikh Council employees and volunteers responsible for receiving and processing donations shall:

  • respect and value all those who donate to Gold Coast Sikh Council
  • ensure donation processes are secure and transparent
  • build trusting relationships with regular donors and partners
  • respond proactively to any issues arising in regard to donation refunds
  • communicate respectfully and professionally with those who request a refund or raise any issues or concerns that arise with Gold Coast Sikh Council management regarding donation refunds.