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Our Gold Coast Community aims to inspire Sikhs to build connections, empower them to succeed and contribute to the broader Australian community.

Welcome to the Gold Coast Gurdwara & Sikh Temple

A Community Education Centre Open to All


The Gold Coast Gurdwara & Sikh Temple will be a purpose-built educational facility that will offer Sikh History and Principles (Gurbani), Language (Punjabi), Literacy (Gurmukhi), Music (Kirtan) and other teachings in a peaceful and harmonious setting. The Gold Coast Gurdwara, Sikh Temple is a Community Education Centre will be open to people from all faiths, genders and communities.

Our motto is simple –  Together we Seek. Forever we Learn.


History in the Making

The Gold Coast Gurdwara & Sikh Temple will be the first of its kind for the beautiful Gold Coast thanks to the Gold Coast Sikh Council, which has purchased a large parcel of vacant land and invested a significant amount of time and money into this planning. 

With the assistance of many professional consultants, and the grateful understanding of the Gold Coast City Council, we have been granted development approval for this historic ‘Gold Coast first’ facility.


Central for All

Situated at 9 -11 Shepparton Road, Helensvale, the site is located only 20 minutes’ drive from Surfers Paradise, and almost half way between Coolangatta and Brisbane’s Logan Road Gurdwara; making the Centre ideally located and easily accessible to all communities of the Gold Coast.

A key element for Sikh’s is that of ‘unity’, and as such the Centre is not only for the growing number of Sikh’s on the Gold Coast, but also the wider general community. Sikhs believe in equality, and as such people of all castes and creeds are welcome at any time. There is only one race – the Human Race.


For You

Based on Sikh principles, the Centre will offer scheduled services in Sikh History and Principles (Gurbani), Language (Punjabi), Literacy (Gurmukhi), and Music (Kirtan). In doing so, we aim to increase the awareness of Sikhism in the Community but to also share our teachings with anyone wanting to learn more.

Further to the above, as the official representative body for Sikhs of the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Sikh Council will promote, operate and administer Sikh community participation, including various sports such as Athletics, Hockey, Soccer, Netball, and Golf, with the aim to compete in the Australian Sikh Games and other local competitions.


About Us

The Gold Coast Sikh Council is a charitable not-for-profit Public organisation that is registered and approved with the Australian Charities Gold Coast Sikh Temple- Registered Charity Tickand Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). The Gold Coast Sikh Council will administer the Gold Coast Sikh Cultural Fund which is also registered with the ACNC, and is further endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) by the ATO, making all Donations and Gift amounts above AU$2 tax deductible (for Australian Tax Payers).

The Gold Coast Sikh Council is not affiliated to any other existing Sikh Associations of the Gold Coast. We are an independent not-for-profit public charity, working for the best interest of not only the Sikh Community, but for people of all faiths. 


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